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Web Design Mistakes To Avoid that Drives Customers Away

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You must have heard that the first impression is the last impression, and this applies to almost everything either it’s about your style or the website you designed. And when it comes to a website, especially the first impression actually plays an important role because it decides whether the customer looks further over the products […]

Is Web Design a Good Career?

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Web Design in Demand Web design professionals are actually in demand. A source states that the number of jobs in this domain is likely to increase up to 8% in the US, which is faster than an average. You can estimate their pay scale with the fact that the median annual wage of web developers […]

Becoming a Freelance Web Developer

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There is a high demand for web developers, and engineers as businesses everywhere need clever apps to help their teams work, engage with customers, and even a slick website that perfectly encapsulates their brand. Whether the app you’re working on will be used in offices everywhere to improve productivity, or individuals around the globe will […]

Create Your Free Website with Website-Builder.com


There are lots of choices for the website maker to create their own websites in minutes without any stress, confusion or complication. The availability of various online tools acts as the perfect guide for creating impressive websites. The simple steps of creating the website for the beginners are as follows: Select your Domain Name: The […]

Mobile Web Design Vs Responsive Web Design

Mobile web design was the norm for a really long time but this is definitely about to change and the trend is changing really fast. Mobile web design was definitely advantageous when it first appeared since it offered a much better display for the smartphone user. This technology can be considered as being one of […]