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Customer Relationship Automation Is the New Face of Customer Relationship Management


As everyone knows, the main aim of any business is to sell their products or services to their customers; consequently, it is vital that companies retain as much information about their clients as possible. In the digital era, technological innovations have made maintaining this customer information easier than ever before. Amongst other benefits, this form […]

Quick Overview Of Cloud Ecommerce CRM Software


The global CRM market is shattering all previous records and is now thought to be worth over $30 billion dollars annually. New innovations such as cloud based ecommerce CRM software technology is helping this skyrocketing industry reach new heights, and ultimately providing more value to their customers. Cloud CRM has been around for a while […]

How you can design your own payroll system


As you have any business setup, you will realize there are some requirements and regulations that you are expected to follow. These rules are formed by the local government to be able to account for certain records like income tax and social security. In the case that your business has hired certain employees, it is […]

What To Look For In The Best Ecommerce CRM Software Reviews


What Is CRM? CRM stands for customer relationship management. In a nutshell, a CRM tool will allow you to manage your customer data and interactions. CRM software comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is very important to do some research into what software best suits the needs of yourself and your business. The […]

Do You Know SQA Outsourcing Can Save You Up To 75%?


A newly developed software needs to be immaculately tested before its launched in the market. There might be bugs to be fixed and enhancements to be made to ensure a robust release for your end users. However, the software developers are usually in a dilemma whether to have the product tested by in-house testing team […]

3 Ways To Simplify Project Management In Your Company


Project management definitely isn’t the easiest field out there. There are hundreds of companies all over the world. They all engage in some form of project management during their regular business. All of the work that an employee gets during their time at the office is part of some project or another. This is why […]

The Growing Office Epidemic That is Time Wasting Employees

time wasting employee

A human resource manager’s worst nightmare is an influx of employees who, rather than working hard during the day, opt to waste as much time as possible in non-work related activities; Poor time management and mismanagement of priorities at the work place results in poor performance, poor customer service, missed deadlines and many more vices. […]

Website Translation Service 101: Understanding the Basics

When a translator is first approached to translate a whole website, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the services that will be required in order to gain the desired result. This information will assist in preparing an accurate quote to cover the entire job, and will be crucial to the final outcome to […]

How to Prepare your CMS for 2016


The new year is right around the corner, and it will come with changes to adapt to and new challenges to overtake. With the further spread of internet-capable mobile devices, the marketing and optimization trends will change, too. This is the perfect time to start implementing changes to your CMS in order to stay up […]

Use Movavi Screen Capture Software To Record Webinars

Movavi Screen

Students or business professionals, have to attend a load of seminars online or the webinars to help stimulate our skills and work. It often gets difficult to capture every information that runs in webinars as human brains can sustain only up to a limit. These times everyone wish that if they could record screen substances […]