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Things to Consider Before Implementing a Keyword Map

keyword map

When developing a website, it is important to determine the keywords that align with your site’s purpose and content. Keyword maps can be useful visualizations of keyword data for a website. The maps are often interactive charts that allow users to explore and filter the keywords by topic, type, and other dimensions. However, there are some things […]

Benefits of displaying Facebook Reviews on Website


The emergence and growth of social media platforms have changed how users interact with brands. They have become more aware and are constantly looking out for upgrades. Facebook is the most used social media platform with billions of active users. As a result, it has become a key place for marketers to market their brands. […]

5 Tips for Crafting A Complete Content Strategy from Keyword Research


Good keyword research is one of the basics of a successful SEO content strategy. If done correctly it will lead you to create the content that people are looking for, using the language that people are searching with. Using keyword research to identify the keywords people are searching and how often is a powerful benefit. […]

Why content marketing is so important when you use buyer personas

content marketing

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action,” according to the Content Marketing Institute. The key thing to know about content marketing is that it isn’t just about pitching and […]

Facebook Basics for Building Your Page

Facebook social media

So you run a guest house and you’ve decided that you’d like to start a Facebook Page to reach potential clients. Great! Now, for some of you this may seem rather daunting, as you’ve only used Facebook for personal matters. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips to help you set up a Facebook Page for […]

10 Ways To Improve Your SEO in 2021


There have never been more regular online users than ever before in the history of the Internet. While marketing is nowhere near a new concept, online marketing is comparatively new. The Internet is always changing, and marketing is always changing to keep up within the digital world and within Internet marketing is the world of […]

How to Predict Page Rank and Control Link Juice Monitoring the Health of an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is poised itself over the last few years in the market. Opportunities for brands and small business have become surreal to penetrate through various origins into the market beyond their commercial horizons. However, with more competition all around, sellers must bring their best strategies to avoid chaos in the online marketplace for the desired […]

Understanding SEO Services


Search Engine Optimization is a set of tools and techniques designed to raise the rankings of a website in the results list of an internet search. Most people will not scroll past the first page of results when looking for something online and many will not look past the first couple of links to find […]

How to Market Your Content on LinkedIn


Sharing website content on social media is still one of the most effective ways to direct immediate traffic to your pages. While the tactic isn’t sustainable without a suitable social media marketing strategy, it is still a great way to promote your pages and direct attention to them. That bigger, more comprehensive strategy, however, isn’t […]

The Ultimate SEO Winning Formula


The main aim of any marketing strategy is to reach out to prospective clients and convince them to consider your products. To do that, you must package yourself attractively. You must make yourself stand out from your competitors. Today, achieving that is more than just passing the message of your brand to potential clients. Digital […]