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Features of good LIMS


Implementing laboratory management information systems helps in making your lab an automated place in workflow, implementations as well as operations. There are certain features which a good LIMS must have in order to offer you a successful laboratory management: Rich in  features: It must have the functions as well as workflow processes that you require […]

When do you need the prior art research service?

research work

The prior art information service helps you to detect whether your information already has a pre-existing similar form or not, which is also called the prior art. Many inventors do the mistake of not conducting the proper prior art research. To ensure that your invention or development is a novel one, read on to know […]

Read This To Save Your Business From Malicious Hackers Today!


Information Technology is part and parcel of modern business. Computers are used in almost every single business process today. They are used in accounting, inventory management as well as payroll. They are also used to store business data. As such, it is very important to protect the IT resources of a company. To do this, […]

How to Clear Adware & Abnormalities from Google Chrome?

Malicious Programs

Google Chrome is supposed to be a majorly popular browser. As such, it is a pretty common target for adware installations and other undesirable extensions. We would be discussing ways to easily get rid of any adware and any PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Adware eats up your system resources, web traffic and seriously compromises your […]

Things to Check Before Buying Expired Domain in 2016

If you want to build a website, then a good expired domain can decrease your efforts a lot. It will reduce the amount of investments and will also decrease the time. But, when you want to rank high in the search engines, you must check few things before considering buying the deleted domains. Higher Moz […]

How to Fix Your PC or Laptop

computer repair

If your PC or laptop is not working as well as it once did, do not put it in the bin just yet. Instead, try some of the simple fixes that we have outlined in the rest of this article. If your computer is running slower Once a laptop or desktop PC starts to slow […]

Getting into online journalism and publishing: career tips


A lot of people dream of building a career in journalism and publishing. Getting there requires a lot of hard work and some measure of luck, but there’s a lot you can do to improve your chances by using your head and understanding the way the industry works. If you’re just starting out, what are […]