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5 reasons why Joomla is too freaking hard for you

Do you want to know why you will never be able to do great things with Joomla? Yes I know, that’s not the greatest motivational question line that I can give you but it goes with what I want to share with you today. Now everything that I will be sharing with you on this […]

5 Big Companies and Institutions using Joomla

Joomla is a great software for managing content and even blogging. Due to the fact that it is open source, many say that it is not the best choice for a serious project due to insecurity and a bunch of other nonsense reasons. To prove those points wrong and show you that Joomla can be […]

6 Beautiful Dark Joomla Websites to get you Inspired

Today we will showcase 6 examples of dark colors usage in Joomla web design. The right amount of dark color can create an elegant and beautiful site, so check out these examples we gathered and give dark color a try on your next project. And never forget, Joomla is a free open source and it […]

2 Million Dollar Joomla Templates

Would you buy a few Joomla Templates for 2 Million Dollars? No? Anyways that’s not what I want to share with you on this post. Yes I know it looks kind of expensive for a Joomla Template huh? Today I am not going to be talking about anything related with a Joomla Template that is […]

10 famous Joomla Sites becoming a mess on IE6

I think most Joomla professionals will agree with me on this one, but Internet Explorer 6 is a pain in the ass for many Joomla Developers out there. Since I started developing Joomla Sites, I always tried to cover almost every browser out there including IE6. Now, you will need to know that building compatible […]

5 Brown and Blue Joomla Websites to get inspired

Today I am bringing you 5 Brown and Blue Joomla Websites to show you the possibilities of what you can do with this CMS system. It’s always nice to remember that Joomla will give you a powerful tool to develop amazing and beautiful websites to impress anyone. So check out these Joomla Websites and inspire […]

I hate Joomla so much that I just want to quit


How many times during your life you have heard somebody else to say that he is so over something that he just want to quit and throw the towel to the floor? I mean it does not really matter what it is because what I am referring in here is the feeling that the person […]