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Reasons To Embed Instagram Feed On Website


In the last few years, Instagram has been established as the most engaging and highly interactive social media platform among others. Instagram is loaded with vibrant-looking content called as Instagram feeds which attracts people and entices them to engage with creative content.  The charm of Instagram content makes people stay engaged with the content even […]

Why content marketing is so important when you use buyer personas

content marketing

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action,” according to the Content Marketing Institute. The key thing to know about content marketing is that it isn’t just about pitching and […]

Get To Know Why Is Internet Marketing Effective Than Traditional Marketing


Traditional marketing was once very popular for all types of businesses. The most used advertising medium was print, television, radio, hoardings etc. But with the advent of internet marketing, marketing campaigns have taken a new shape. The effectiveness of internet marketing are huge and it has helped a lot of enterprises to make an impact […]

Why it is Impossible to Separate Web Marketing from SEO


The internet is a really powerful tool that is being used across the globe now. A few decades ago it was nothing more than the dreams of many people. There are those who wished to make video calls and now they are able to do that. There are those who wanted to go shopping outside […]

Benefits of Using Instagram to Build Employee Engagement

Amongst the top complaints most employers have against their employees is that they simply do not seem to have the level of engagement and motivation that is desirable. Because of the apparent lack of interest almost all initiatives taken by the management fall flat irrespective of their nature and the effort that they have taken […]

A Complete Guide to Building your Personal Brand as a professional

Do you dress in a certain way only you prefers? Do you do things differently? Do you speak in a certain way? The answer to all of those questions is yes! This is how your personal brand is advanced every day. How do you define Personal branding? It is the ongoing procedure of establishing a […]

3 Trends for Email Marketing in 2016

email marketing

Just like any other SEO sub-field, email marketing trends and techniques are constantly changing, shifting with consumer needs, algorithmic requirements and other aspects. By learning how to read the signs you can anticipate these changes before they happen, and hence be able to stay on top of your game for the long haul. The following […]