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Magento vs Shopify vs Bigcommerce :Complete Comparison

ecommerce platform

Most certainly if you have investigated this clash between top eCommerce platforms the question in your mind arising which one is the finest to choose for business. Don’t worry though this article we will resolve your queries. In a nutshell, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce are the topmost game-changer e-commerce platform that raised the bar. These […]

The Technical Stuff Every Webmaster Needs to Think About

website design

If you own and run a website in the modern-day, you might not have half the technical knowledge of a webmaster from the early 2000s. You don’t even need to know HTML coding to run a successful website in 2021, but if you want to be the webmaster of a truly successful website, you need […]

How to Add Instagram Widget on Website?


Instagram is the one of the growing social media platforms with half of the global population. There are 500 million active users who interact with content shared on Instagram by other people. In modern times, Instagram has come under the list of most engaging platforms where people and brands share their content and let each […]

10 Web Design Trends for 2020

Augmented Reality

The development of the Internet into the colossal informational apparatus that it is today can be traced back to the design trends that have changed the face of the World Wide Web over the years. Above all, the mobile revolution pushed designers to change their minds and today their job is to present an Internet […]

The Forgotten Aspect of Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Brand Online

cyber security

You may think that you are well-informed about all there is to know on cyber-security, but have you ever thought about protecting your brand online? Most businesses completely overlook this aspect of their cybersecurity campaign which can have a disastrous impact on the future of the company. Your brand acts as the public persona of […]

How to block Internet Explorer 6 on Joomla – [Aka IE6]


Inside this video tutorial I will show you how to block internet explorer 6 (Aka IE6) inside your Joomla Websites. Now just keep in mind that some professionals out there recommend you to just display a warning message, however in here I will show you how to totally block this browser like I did inside […]

How to redirect Joomla users when login

Inside this video blog, I will show you how to redirect Joomla users when login. With this simple setting, you will be able to redirect your Joomla users to any URL you want. But just keep in mind that the URL should be inside your Joomla Website. Watch Video How to redirect Joomla users when […]

Where is the Fade Image Tool in Fireworks CS5?

It has been more than two years since I bought my Adobe Fireworks CS3 program and believe me guys if you want to do great things especially while Building Joomla Websites, Fireworks is a must tool to have. I mean is not cheap software but on the long run it will pay off. Anyways, recently […]