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Understanding SEO Services


Search Engine Optimization is a set of tools and techniques designed to raise the rankings of a website in the results list of an internet search. Most people will not scroll past the first page of results when looking for something online and many will not look past the first couple of links to find […]

10 Web Design Trends for 2020

Augmented Reality

The development of the Internet into the colossal informational apparatus that it is today can be traced back to the design trends that have changed the face of the World Wide Web over the years. Above all, the mobile revolution pushed designers to change their minds and today their job is to present an Internet […]

The Forgotten Aspect of Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Brand Online

cyber security

You may think that you are well-informed about all there is to know on cyber-security, but have you ever thought about protecting your brand online? Most businesses completely overlook this aspect of their cybersecurity campaign which can have a disastrous impact on the future of the company. Your brand acts as the public persona of […]

How to Revamp Your Website

web design

Trends come and go. It’s true for fashion, and it is true for websites. If your website is out of date then people will immediately mistrust it. How can they expect your business to be on top of the times if your website is almost ten years out of date? If it’s ugly, or hard […]

How to Market Your Content on LinkedIn


Sharing website content on social media is still one of the most effective ways to direct immediate traffic to your pages. While the tactic isn’t sustainable without a suitable social media marketing strategy, it is still a great way to promote your pages and direct attention to them. That bigger, more comprehensive strategy, however, isn’t […]

How to Choose the Best Website Builder for Your Project


It’s time to get started on a new project, but which tools do you use to build your website? There are thousands of options online and trying to pick the one that is the best can be confusing. In this article, we are going to go over some factors that will help you decide which […]

Four Tech Trends to Expect in 2018

tech trends

Technology keeps on advancing each year and we expect to see some trends topping the technological sector.  Tech trends are predictable and something new is always expected in technology. Some innovations keep on getting better and better each year. Below are some tech trends we expect to rock 2018. Blockchain Technology Bitcoin is expected to […]

Qualities of a Great Web Design for Visitors


Web design is not just about aesthetic appeal. The overall design must be suitable to the needs of the users. They must have a great experience when using the website to ensure that they navigate and find out more about the company. If there are actual products sold on the website, it should be easier […]

To Bixby Or Not To Bixby


If you were to ask the head honcho of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, about the Note 8’s greatest achievement, his answer wouldn’t be the phone’s Infinity Edge display with quad-HD resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. He wouldn’t mention the 8’s dual 12-megapixel cameras equipped with its Live Focus Feature, nor would he wax poetic […]

The Ultimate SEO Winning Formula


The main aim of any marketing strategy is to reach out to prospective clients and convince them to consider your products. To do that, you must package yourself attractively. You must make yourself stand out from your competitors. Today, achieving that is more than just passing the message of your brand to potential clients. Digital […]